27th of April: The Day Against the Occupation

27th of April is in Slovenia celebrated as Day Against the Occupation (slo.: Dan boja proti okupatorju).

On this day, the year 1941, the Anti-imperialist front was established. After the German attack on the Soviet Union (22. July 1941) it renamed itself into Liberation Front of Slovenian Nation – OF.
OF was formed on April 26th, 1941, 10 days after the fall of the Yugoslavian army in Belgrade and on 14th Day of the Occupation of Slovenia. But it was believed, for 2 decades after this date, that the meeting in industrial Villa Vidmar which gave birth of Anti-Imperialist Front, took place day later, 27th of April, and that is why still today we celebrate this date.
The Liberation Front was formed of people that had various beliefs,1,000 of which were Communists. It wasn’t a lot but because of 2 decades of experiences they had in fights against occupation in Spain, France, Russia etc. they played an essential role in OF.
Today, 27th of April is a National Holiday dedicated to those who fought and gave life for the freedom of Slovenian Nation. It also symbols a starting point of organizing a Slovenian nationhood.

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