Logar Valley

One of the most beautiful Alpine glacial valleys in Europe.


Logar Valley, a part of Solčavsko region, extends into the Kamnik – Savinja Alps from the north and it represents a perfect unity of human tradition and nature’s eternity.

Valley, sculpted by the forces of the glacier is surrounded by mountains over 2000 m height that offers climbers, alpine lovers, and casual hikers one of the most beautiful views you’ve ever witnessed.

The secret of its beauty is hidden in Valley’s pristine nature that locals haven’t changed much so it is kind of a last remained fingerprints of historical appearance of planet Earth. The only active human interference are farms that remained caught in past moments of their settlement, creating a perfect harmony between man and nature, which is a value rarely found nowadays.

In 1987 Logar Valley was declared a landscape park which measures 2013 km and extends from the valley to the upper ridges of the mountains. Along with Logar Valley, landscape park includes two other glacier valleys of Solčavsko region – Robanov Kot and Matkov Kot.

Incredible Nature

Home of Waterfalls

The most visited part of the Trail that takes you around landscape Park is certainly Rinka Waterfall. Rinka is one of the springs of Savinja river, which has several sources under the Okrešelj Basin. It is a magnificent 90-metre high arc of water, the highest single and unbroken waterfall in Slovenia.


Protected as a natural monument, this waterfall Palenk lies above the eastern side of the Logarska Dolina Valley. In wintertime, Palenk becomes an alluring climbing ground for all those keen on scaling frozen waterfalls.

Also, the Palenk Waterfall is a popular place to get married. The waterfall, as well as the Palenk Ravine, are natural monuments.

From the underground of the left slope of the Logar Valley, yet another waterfall emerges – Brložnica. Brložnica falls span a total height of 125m and consists of four waterfalls. Name Brložnica is shared with Brložnica Cave, that is the consequence of the glacier that once covered Zabrložnica (1635 m). A 40-meter high cave is the source of a stream that later forms the Brložnica Falls.


The next series of falls called the Rastovški skok Falls is located above Log on the eastern side of the Logar Valey. It appears from the western slopes of mountain Strelovec (1763 m) and mountain Krofička (2083 m) and the sedimentary rock on which it falls carries fossilized remains which testify about richness life in the region of the Valley in pre-historic past.

World of unique flora and incredible animals

The landscape park of the Logar Valley is a home of amazing world of mountain flowers, some of which are very rare and even endangered. In the botanic oasis of the Okrešelj mountain, and elsewhere, your breath will be taken by slipper orchids, Carniolan lilies, Auriculas, Zois’ Bellflowers, gentians, edelweisses and Kamnik orchids.

Golden eagle lives in peace and prosperity of the region, and so does peregrine falcon calmly rule the air above the Valley. At higher altitudes, you will likely to meet chamois and ibex. Mountains also offer a home to the autonomic Jezersko-Solčava sheep.

Glorious Mountains

The Valley is surrounded by magnificent and divine mountain peaks:

The Valley concludes itself with Okrešelj below which icy cold Savinja stream rushes to fall down as the Rinka Waterfall.



Hope, you will find some time to visit this charming, one of a kind place.




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