The only compulsory service is LOVE

So, the government of Slovenia wants to reintroduce compulsory military service.

But, why would anyone in this world try to attack Slovenia? Why does our Government feel that we need more and more young men, trained to defend borders with killing?

We have four neighbors. Austria, Hungry, Croatia and Italy. In our past we have been in war with Austria, Italy, and Hungry, never with Croatia, although we constantly fight over our borders. But that is what we Slavs do. We fight all the time, but when shit hit the fan, we stick together. And yes, our politicians are such an assholes that our other neighbors are mocking us, in the matter of fact, I am not sure that Italy and Hungry are even aware of our existence.

Maybe now, that we all know that Donald Trump is married to Slovenian woman (which says a lot about our character), people of the world even googled from where such a tough woman that can handle Trump come from. Or they think she comes from Slovakia. Slovenia – Slovakia. What is the difference? And maybe Hungry and Italy got aware of their little neighbors.

Just in case of any attack we have preliminary destroyed all of our factories and banks so no one would want to destroy us because of that.

But still, from various points of view, Slovenia can feel threatened.

We have beautiful women in constant fear that they will be raped by refugees. We have Bled, Triglav, and Soča, for which I am sure Russians are dying to have!

What I am saying is that there are plenty reasons to be afraid.

And we obviously need soldiers to defend our Triglav National Park.

Problem is, that young people don’t believe in the military way of resolving disputes. I mean, we are for dialogue.

We live in the 21st century. So much new ways to resolve any misunderstanding.

We know that the best way to destroy your enemy is to become his friend.

And we all know that all this doping us through constant news about new terrorist attacks, new Russian threats, and migrant crisis, are just some lame tries for I don’t really know what. I guess there must be some money in the game.

But until there is youth like ours, Slovenian army will have to starve.

Because we refuse to fight for some imaginary borders, all world is ours. We are soldiers of love and friendship, and that is the only way we fight:

making love and friends.


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