Emerald Beauty

Not everything is bad in our country. Nature, for instance, is magnificent!

And one of nature’s wonders that found itself behind the humanly imagined and designed borders of Slovenia, is the emerald lady Soča.


Soča has the beauty of its own kind.
She flows, untamed, through the wild region of high mountains and unpredictable rocks.
Graced with the wilderness of the region she has made herself a path which is just one of the manifestations of her greatness.

As you walk along Soča you will meet her in every of her magnificent nature. From a playful child, in the beginning, soon developed in a wild young lady adorned by innocence. What follows is the most beautiful part of it: a powerful and majestic uncontrollable madam, violent in her fight to free herself from the claws of mountains which would like to selfishly keep her beauty only for themselves. And as Soča manages to liberate herself she flows peacefully and majestically towards the sea where she will be joined by her sisters.

Despite her free and rebellion spirit, she will offer you her goodness and kindness on her white sandy beaches. You will be able to rest in her coolness. The icy cold water of hers will refresh you and revitalize your body.

Spirit of wild Soča will invade your body, wake and wild up your blood.

“Divine you are, crystal daughter of the mountains.”
from Gregorčič’s Poem Krasna si bistra hči planin.


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