4th of july or “I love my underground”

I am not from the United States of America, and I don’t celebrate The Independence Day..but that’s not a reason that I don’t stop for the moment and dedicate 5 minutes of my day to tell something about an independent country I live in.

I live in a very small but beautiful country on the southern side of the Alps: Slovenia.
I have traveled a lot during the past 10 years and I realized that not many of people know about its existence. But the main purpose of this post is not to describe it (you can google it and see its majestic nature), but to share with you some knowledge I have managed to gather in this small environment.

I don’t know how many of you have seen the Yugoslavian movie The Underground, directed by Emir Kusturica, an amazing yugoslavian world famous director, or how you understand it…but when I crossed Slovenian border with Italy I felt like Crni (Blacky). I felt like I was being told lies for all of my life, that someone created me a false image of reality to keep me satisfied and happy, but most of all…to keep me in one place. Because you see…once you cross the the border with Italy…and later with France with your eyes wide open…you forget about your patriotism, you national proud and all the other unimportant stuff that our country, media, and our teachers kept us dopped with since our independent day.

So on this day I declare my independence from any country in the world!


Slovenia: My undergroundmyunderground


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